How to have a bright look?

How to have a bright look?

The eye contour area is three times thinner and more fragile than the rest of the face, which is why it is the first victim of the signs of aging. Dark circles and bags irritate your daily life and make you look tired? We tell you everything to illuminate your eyes with questions and answers.

Does lack of sleep cause dark circles?

True and FALSE: It is true that a short night can cause dark circles to appear because fatigue slows down blood circulation around the eye area. Blood circulates poorly, stagnates under the skin and colours the skin around the eye area because it is extremely thin at this point. The "vascular" blue rings then appear at this point. But a short night is not the only factor that causes dark circles to appear. Healthy living also plays an important role (alcohol and tobacco consumption, stress...).

Are dark circles hereditary?

TRUE. Indeed, if our parents have dark circles, we are at high risk of having them too. Therefore, hyaluronic acid products should be used to fill the hollow they can cause.

Does our diet influence our dark circles?

TRUE. As with other diseases, avoid eating too much salt, as salt retains water and can cause edema of the eyelids upon waking. A healthy lifestyle prevents the appearance of dark circles.

A little fresh helps to fight against puffy eyes?

TRUE. Cold reactivates the circulation of blood and lymphatic tissue. That's why we created the menthol-based eyelid tightening serum to promote this micro-circulation. After application of the serum, the swelling of the eyes will have significantly decreased. A little tip: keep it cool, its action will be increased tenfold!

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