Dr. Jean-Paul Tiziano, internationally renowned plastic surgeon (Rider Digest Who's Who) founded BIOTIC Phocea Laboratories in 1999. In a few years, laboratories have become leaders in a new medical technology: corrective and restorative dermopigmentation. His research on the epidermis and dermis led him to focus on cell renewal. He then transposes his knowledge into the development of cosmetic formulas.

The brand

DR TiZiANO is a tribute to the surgeon. Through Laboratoires BIOTIC Phocea, her daughter, Sandie Tiziano takes over all of her father's know-how and expertise in medicine and cosmetic surgery to develop cosmetic products and share her knowledge with as many people as possible.

Talented researchers, careful laboratory technicians, a visionary and united family combine their daily skills to develop innovative cosmetic products with the short list of ingredients because all the active ingredients used are effective. The active ingredients used have proven their worth in aesthetic medicine, our formulas are directly inspired by nature.

We have developed a resolutely urban dermo-cosmetic range.

Made in France Quality


As a guarantee of ultimate quality, all our products are designed by experts in our certified laboratories and manufactured in France

ISO 9001

This international standard guarantees safe, reliable and good quality products. Because quality is our leitmotiv, our laboratories are certified ISO 9001 by an independent body.

EN 13485

Internationally recognized, this certification proves the commitment of Phocea BIOTIC Laboratories to the quality of medical devices and ensures a quality management system that complies with regulations and the needs of its customers.

ISO 22716

This European certification ensures our consumers quality products. From production to storage, the various controls testify to the laboratories' know-how.

GMP Cosmetics

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) provide guidelines on the minimum requirements that a manufacturer must meet to ensure that products are of high quality and do not pose a risk to consumers or the general public.