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Anti-ageing night cream - Precious Gold


Anti-ageing and soothing

The 24-carat gold and gold algae extracts give this cream anti-ageing and soothing virtues, a real cocktail of softness for the skin, which takes advantage of the night to regenerate itself.

Day cream - Diamond Sparkle



Illuminates the complexion of the skin

The diamond micro-particles are embedded in the wrinkles and reduce the depth of the wrinkles thanks to their ability to reflect light. This cream will smooth out imperfections and provide your skin with softness and elasticity throughout the day.

Anti-ageing mask - Precious Gold


Anti-ageing and moisturizing 

An intense moisturizing bath, this mask smoothes the features and leaves the skin supple, soft and comfortable. Formulated with shea butter and avocado oil, it prevents all forms of skin dryness, and protects and nourishes the skin durably.

Anti-ageing serum - Precious Gold



Improves skin elasticity and suppleness

Thanks to its high concentration of anti-aging and moisturizing agents, such as 24-carat gold and hyaluronic acid, this repair serum stimulates cell metabolism. Your skin is relaxed from the effects of stress and reveals its radiance.

Eyelid Tensor Gel - Dermo Cosmetique



This eyelid tensing gel has been specially designed to rejuvenate the eye contour area in a few minutes thanks to its powerful tensing, decongesting and anti-ageing active ingredients. Menthol and guarana tone your eyelids for a radiant look.

Night cream - Diamond Sparkle



Nourishes the skin 

Enriched with shea butter and sunflower oil, this cream deeply nourishes the skin and gives you an incredible feeling of comfort. Wheat bran extract works at night for a clearer complexion in the morning.

Face lotion - Diamond Sparkle



Illuminates the complexion of the skin 

A floral-scented lotion that rids the skin of impurities and leaves it perfectly cleansed thanks to diamond and wheat bran extracts. The skin is fresh and ready to receive a moisturizing treatment.

Face serum - Diamond Sparkle



Moisturizes and lightens 

The combination of diamond extracts and diglycerin give this fluid a smoothing and moisturizing power throughout the day, for a clear, purified and radiant complexion.

Anti-ageing day cream - Precious Gold


Hydration and radiance of the skin

Maximum concentration of 24-carat gold and vitamin E for optimal anti-oxidant action. Your skin is supple, moisturized and radiant throughout the day.

Anti-Wrinkles Hyaluronic Acid Booster...



Thanks to the combined action of macro and micro hyaluronic acids, this concentrate hydrates and smoothes the skin on the surface and plumps the skin deep down. At the end of a 30-day treatment, your plumped-up skin regains its suppleness.